A Sense of Time, the Ultimate Luxury

Conciergerie 8e SENS

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It was at the “Clefs d’Or” National Union of Concierges’ Conference, organised at La Baule in 2006 by Stéphane DUVAL GOUNARI, who was in charge of a training project for future Hotel Concierges, that he asked Christian LAPÉBIE to join him in this adventure.

Christian accepted, convinced of the project’s merit and also passionate about passing on his know-how.

This was to be the beginning of 10 years of collaboration, based on listening, respecting and sharing.

Today, through Conciergerie 8e SENS, Christian and Stéphane make all their expertise in Luxury Hotel Conciergerie, their powerful network and quality services available to Companies and Private Customers, as well as Hotel managers.


Copyright: C. LAPEBIE

Christian LAPÉBIE

From the Basque Country, Christian became Chief “Clefs d’Or” Concierge at Biarritz’s mythical Hôtel du Palais when he was just 25 years old.

His commitment and dedication as Vice-Chairman of the ‘‘Les Clef d’Or France’’ association, both Nationally and Internationally, enabled him to continue learning and significantly extend his professional network.

He was also able to contribute his know-how when organising the National and International Professional Conferences.

After 30 years spent serving his guests and his profession, he is today an Associate Director of Conciergerie 8e SENS.

His main qualities are: being attentive, demanding, enthusiastic and pragmatic, all of which guarantee his know-how and Customer Satisfaction.


Copyright: S. MORIN


Elected best young “Clefs d’Or” Concierge in 2005, Stéphane  helped set up the Hotel Concierge Vocational Training course at the Lycée des Métiers de l’Hôtellerie et du Tourisme d’Occitanie (Hotel & Tourism Training College) in Toulouse in partnership with “Les Clefs d’Or” and the French Ministry of Education.

This course, the only one recognised by the “Les Clefs d’Or” National and International Union of Hotel Concierges, trains elite Hotel Concierges.

After spending 16 years as “Clefs d’Or” assistant Chief Concierge at the Hôtel Hermitage Barrière in La Baule, then as Chief Concierge in Paris, he is today an Associate Director of Conciergerie 8e sens.

His main qualities are a passion for customer service, striving for excellence, determination and passing on knowledge.


The Added Value of a Company lies with its People.

Conciergerie 8e SENS places People at the Heart of its Business.

This enables us to be fully coherent as a Business and Guarantees our Promises in Terms of Results and Satisfying our Customers whilst respecting their identity.

  • Support you by Listening to and Analysing your Needs.
  • Improve well-being in the Company and therefore the Work-life balance for your Internal Clients (staff).
  • Improve both Internal and External Customer Satisfaction and loyalty by increasing your Quality of Service.
  • Create a Customer Experience through Advice, Support and a Tailored Service.
  • Solution adapted to each Request.


Our Vision: A Sense of Time, the Ultimate Luxury

For Conciergerie 8ème SENS, your Satisfaction is our number one Priority. This is why we are constantly attentive to your Needs.

This approach enables us to Increase the Quality of Services, and therefore the Quality of both Private and Work Life. Conciergerie 8e SENS centralises your Requests with one of our Concierges, making the Professionalism, High Quality of Services and Network of Professional Hotel Concierges available to your Clients. The services we provide at Conciergerie 8e SENS enable you to focus 100% on the Essence of your Work, spend time with Family, and Enjoy Friends and Leisure… The Ultimate Luxury

The Value of Conciergerie 8e SENS

At Conciergerie 8e SENS we combine our Professionalism, Team Spirit and ability to pass on knowledge with our Passion for Customer Service and our relentless determination to Satisfy your requirements. This is the very basis of our work as Concierges.

The Aim of our Concierges is to ensure Customers are fully Satisfied.